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Pawso's Posse

We all need a hand during the day and Pawso's Posse shows him the way.  We are family, friends, teachers, and pets.  We help you through good times and when you're upset.


Today, I am confident cat, but I did not always feel this way. Before I met my furrever friend, Pawso, people body shamed me because of my weight. I didn’t like myself when I saw my reflection, and I was scared to meet new people. When Pawso showed me how to have a healthy, trusting, friendship, I felt so good! Even though Pawso and me have arguments, we talk-it-out and learn new ways to get along and respect each other’s opinions. I like to dance, play on the swings, listen to music, and get good grades. When I am alone, I explore my inner powers. When I am at school I use my special gifts and they really work!

Head Honcho

I grew up in Mexico where I learned about my culture. When I immigrated to the United States, I couldn’t speak English. My grandma was poor and people teased me at school because I wore handmade clothes. When she died, I felt safe when I wore the poncho she made me. I didn’t fit-in because I didn’t have my own family. But when I met Pawso, he showed me that I can choose my own family with my favorite people. Every year, when I go to Pawso’s Family Reunion, I see that families come in many different shapes and sizes. When I feel the music beat, I come alive! I love to dance, sing, and play the maracas.


I was a very young, single mother when I gave birth to Pawso. I loved him so much that I asked a foster program to help me find a stable home for Pawso and his sister. I did not know how to take care of myself and I really wanted Pawso to get meowntal health treatment and a proper feline education. Even though we don’t live together, we are in each other’s hearts and our memories. Our positive thoughts of each other keep us close and connected.


I am the proud grandcat of hundreds of cats. In my community cat colony, although we are not related, we're all family. We share and take care of each other. Pawso is my youngest grandcat. Just like me, we are cat-vocates. We know too many homeless cats, and remind people that TNR-trap, neuter, and return- and spay/neuter clinics save lives. Adopting a rescue cat is one of the kindest things people can do. You save a life and get a best fur friend. I have used all of my nine lives, so I have a lot of life experience. I love story time with Pawso. He respects his elders and shares my tips with friends.

Dr. Bengal

Before I became a doctor, I was a tough jungle cat who got into a lot of fights and bullied others. I was king of the jungle until one day I stepped in a trap. OUCH! After that, I turned my life around. I went to school and studied really hard to become a doctor. Now I help cats heal from illnesses and traumas.

Sister Samba

I am named after the Brazilian dance, Samba, and even though I am the life of the party, I have always been grounded and present for my brother, Pawso. We had a rough start as kittens. He depended on me when our mom was not around. I taught Pawso many of his life skills. Being a big sister stresses me out, and Pawso gets on my nerves because he always wants to play and have my attention. However, I balance my stress by making sure I take daily “alone” time to slow down and enjoy a quiet relaxing nap in the sun. My favorite activity is running on my cat wheel. Exercise is so energizing!

Meow Ma Casey

I am an only child and while I enjoy kids, I never gave birth to any children. Throughout my traumatic childhood, my cats were my family, playmates, and teachers. Today, Pawso and Samba are my children in every way. I brush their teeth, cook them organic whole food meals, and provide them opportunities to explore, exercise, and problem solve. Pawso and Samba give me the most precious gifts: laughter, unconditional love, serenity, and health. We need each other and we know it!

Paw Paw Scott

Before I met Pawso and Samba, I thought cats were boring and rebellious. I did not want animals in my home. But fostering Pawso and Samba changed my attitude. I understand how cats bring out the best in their humans and why cat rescue changes lives. When we adopted them, I never imagined they would teach me about life and relationships! I am a hard working guy and I had forgotten how to be playful and enjoy one moment at a time. I enjoy applying my construction background to building cat trees and towers in our home.