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I Am Pawso on Fox 40 News with Fieldhaven Feline Center

26 January 2024


Pic at Fox 40


I Am Pawso is on the NEWS! Fox 40---Check out Casey's Interview about her book and collaboration with Fieldhaven Feline Center

Casey Hersch, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and author of the kid’s book, I Am Pawso, joins Fieldhaven Marketplace to promote her colorful, rhyming mental health kids book, I Am Pawso: A Cat Teaches Kids Ways to Turn Around Difficult Situations. Fieldhaven Feline Center, a cat rescue center in Lincoln California, operates the marketplace as a way to give back to their community and help fund their feline rescue center. Meet Champy, who inspired the marketplace Catfe, and hear how, like Pawso, he shakes off bad situations and turns them around into something positive. Champy is blind and thriving! Casey shares how her rescue cat, Pawso, inspired her to write I Am Pawso! Let’s put our best paws forward this year and learn the Pawso Practices!