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VIDEO: Dr. Emeran Mayer Talks About The Gut-Immune Connection

Written by Casey Hersch, LCSW
June 03, 2021

In this second interview with Dr. Emeran Mayer we talk about his new book The Gut-Immune Connection. In our first interview together, we talked about The Mind-Gut Connection and how our emotions play out in the theater of our guts. Adverse childhood experiences, trauma, and stress negatively affect gut health and we learned about the importance of stress reduction. In this interview Dr. Mayer goes into more depth about how our gut is at the center of our whole body health. Immunity, mood, disease prevention, and brain health are all connected to the health of our guts. He talks about how to feed the gut microbes so that we can create a healthy microbiome and shares why our environment and soil health affect our gut health. Everything from Alzheimer's disease, demention, diabetes, and Crohn's disease to depression can be connected to gut health. Dr. Mayer is changing the terrain for those of us with Crohn's disease/Inflammatory Bowel Disease/Autoimmune illnesses and giving all of us tools to prevent disease and experience health and longevity. Enjoy the interview and join me in finding ways to incorporate his suggestions in our lives. 

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